1/14/2009 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Dave Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jack Keegan - Treasurer

Norm Gobiel - Young Eagles Coordinator

Jim Jones

Michael Clifton

Steve Allen

Ken Berkhoff


Meeting opened at 7:05pm by Patrick Kelley, Secretary.

Pat Kelley read the minutes and mentioned, for those who had missed the last meeting, that the minutes were now available for review on the new chapter website and encouraged members to read them and also make use of the website for event announcement. Last meetings minutes were accepted.

Ken Berkhoff presented a tentative proposal for an airpark location East of Flagstaff, roughly near Twin Arrows. It was just an opinion-gathering presentation and no action resulted from the discussion.

Jack Keegan reported that we have a CD about to roll over. He proposed that we add $400 and establish a $5000 CD, which would leave us with sufficient operating money. The proposal was moved, seconded, and approved by vote.

Some discussion was made of the youths we are sending to Air Academy. We have one confirmed and are working to get two more on-line for the event. It was proposed that they be required to submit an after-event report and also be present at Valle's Fall event to talk to their sponsors. It was also mentioned that it would be nice if they met the primary sponsor at Oshkosh but the lack of overlapping attendance made that impossible.

Norm Gobiel presented the prepared application for establishing a scholarship at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. After some discussion about the details, it was moved that we establish the scholarship for one year on a trial basis. The motion was seconded and approved by vote. Chapter President Brad Ransom signed the form for submission.

During the discussion of finance and scholarship, Valle's event was mentioned. Among the items of discussion was a request for Rolle (sp?) to be recruited for ATC duty again. Also, the Flagstaff Airport Open House has a firm date, May 16th, and the Chapter will be given space to display aircraft and sell food. There will be some military display aircraft and Valle will try to bring the Ford. We will be recruiting volunteers for both events.

Jack handed the forms for the Chapter Status Report over to the Secretary and brought up the insurance premise issue. It was agreed that the premise be based on $1M for a <6500 sq. ft. clubhouse, which will cost the chapter $271 for a total fee of $321 for 2009. Jack will write the check to be submitted with the report. Patrick gathered the officer information and will be preparing the report to be submitted as soon as possible before the January 30th deadline.

It was mentioned that the chapter now has two Technical Counselors and we are looking to add a Flight Advisor to our repertoire. The job was briefly described and Steve Martin said he would look into it. He was directed to the Flight Advisors website where he can find the volunteer form which needs to be filled out and submitted to Brad for signature.

Meeting was adjourned to nearby restaurant for informal discussion at 8:30pm.

Submitted for approval 2/11/2009.