11/12/2008 Minutes

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Michael Clifton - President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jim Jones - Treasurer

John Lauher

Jack Keegan

Brad Ransom

Dave Sanders

Norm Gobiel




Meeting opened at 7pm by Michael Clifton, Chapter President.

First order of business was a report from John Lauher regarding tentative plans for an Open House at Flagstaff Airport (KFLG) in mid-May 2009. This included coordination of contacts by incoming Airport Commissioner Jack Keegan in an effort to acquire the presence of military displays for the event. As at a previous Open House, the chapter expects to participate with aircraft displays and food sales.

Second order of business was proposed scholarship for aviation studies at Chandler. Norm requested decision from the membership re: qualifications. Consensus was 3.0 (B) average, Northern Arizona resident, any aviation-related field of study, and $500 award per term. Discussion was also raised to balance available funds between the scholarship and ongoing efforts to sponsor participants to the EAA Air Academy. Norm is to continue to coordinate the scholarship effort.

Jack Keegan reported on effort to coordinate with Flagstaff area schools to bring young people interested in aviation in contact with membership expertise in the form of 'directed studies'. He has made contact with district officials and will be having a meeting with them on 11/14; the outlook is positive.

Mike turned the meeting to the business of electing the officers for the upcoming year. To summarize: our new President will be Brad Ransom. His Vice President will be Dave Sanders. Jack Keegan will now take over the Treasurer's position, and Patrick Kelley will retain the Secretary and Web Editor positions . Norm was appointed to take over the duties of the Young Eagles Coordinator, which concluded the filling of Chapter offices. There was some procedural discussion involving bringing the Chapter paperwork up to date.

Discussion turned to a showing of the structure of the rudder for Brad and Brian's damaged RV-6A. The replacement parts are pre-punched and arrive ready to assemble with little finishing required.

Finally, Patrick demoed the new Chapter website and showed how it could easily be kept up to date by the general membership population. He outlined the requirements to make changes - create an account and email him so that editing permissions can be set - and the guidelines for content on the site - chapter and or aviation oriented, no malicious or inappropriate editing. He pointed out the ease of editing and the resources for help in using the site, including himself as primary technical support. The cost of the hosting package is roughly $108/year and includes domain registration (a $15 savings/year) and the membership voted to approve the new site plan.

Meeting was adjourned to nearby restaurant for informal discussion at 8:30pm.

Submitted for approval 12/10/2008.