12/10/2008 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jim Jones

Michael Clifton

Norm Gobiel

Mark Harris


Meeting opened at 7:05pm by Brad Ransom, Chapter President.

Pat Kelley mentioned that the minutes were now available for review on the new chapter website and encouraged members to read them and also make use of the website for event announcement. Last meetings minutes were accepted.

Discussion was made about sending students to Air Academy. Brad has two candidates and was investigating the idea of sending four total this year. With guidance from former chapter president Mike Clifton, it was decided to try to send three this year. Discussion revolved around the logistics but nothing firm was set in motion until our treasurer is back from Germany.

Mike Clifton brought up idea of moving meetings to Saturday. Previously there had been some discussion about opening the Chapter clubroom on Saturday mornings with coffee and doughnuts to help make KFLG and our chapter a destination for pilots from other chapters/airports. No motion was made on the proposal at this time.

Brad presented a brief report from Jack Keegan's efforts to work with the local schools in bringing aviation to the curriculum. Jack has met with very positive interest so far and will resume his efforts in future meetings to determine the details of a workable plan.

Pat Kelley mentioned that the chapter now has two Technical Counselors and pitched the idea of encouraging some member to become a Flight Adviser. The idea is to promote membership and participation by having available builder's services withing the chapter.

Meeting was adjourned to nearby restaurant for informal discussion at 8:00pm.

Submitted for approval 1/14/2009.