2/11/2009 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Dave Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jack Keegan - Treasurer

Norm Gobiel - Young Eagles Coordinator

Jim Jones

Michael Clifton

Steve Allen

Jim McPhee

Mark Harris


Meeting opened at 7:05pm by Brad Ransom, President.

Jack Keegan collected dues and info for roster.

Mike Clifton mentioned that he had spotted a grill on sale at Sam's Club, which sparked a general discussion of plans for upcoming events at Flagstaff and Valle. Norm volunteered two grills and another is available (from the Lions Club?). Also discussed were requirements for Young Eagle Flights and food permits for the Flagstaff event.

Jack Keegan reported that he had completed the planned changes to the CD as approved last month.

Norm reported that the scholarship was set up, as approved previously.

Patrick reported that the Annual Report to the EAA had been submitted on time and that our general insurance was taken care of. At a question from the membership, it was clarified that our insurance did not cover event insurance, which had to be applied for separately.

Patrick also made general discussion of his new project, an RV-10 which was on order, and took the opportunity to demonstrate how quickly and easily a project could be added to the website. He then made an appeal for other members to post their aircraft to the site.

He also mentioned a potential sponsorship opportunity (Reuben Hayes) who was a young man intending to go into the aerospace field and was a Flagstaff resident. Reuben had been intending to show up at the meeting and will be attending future meetings. He has a Cub at Sedona and is learning to fly with it and is unsure how he will continue his education once he is out of high school. He also has two sisters with lesser interest in aviation but who would be good candidates for Air Academy. Patrick suggested that it would be worth our while to reach out to these youths.

Meeting was adjourned to nearby restaurant for informal discussion at 8:00pm.

Submitted for approval 2/18/2009.