3/11/2009 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Dave Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jack Keegan - Treasurer

Jim Jones

Steve Allen

Jim McPhee

Reuben Hays

Phil Cobbin


Meeting opened at 7:05pm by Brad Ransom, President.

Jack Keegan reported that he has paid fees to the airport. There was some discussion about the key access to the clubroom; some people have had trouble. No, we are not locked out, so we will check the lock. Jack will be paying the fee for incorporation to the state.

Pat Kelley introduce Reuben Hays to the membership. Reuben has been interested in aviation since he was 9, currently has Super Cub N105CC on the field. He made a deal with his father to get the plane instead of college funds. He's currently a Sophomore at CoCo High and an Eagle Scout Senior Patroller. He hopes to go to Westminster College to pursue aviation studies. He also mentioned that there are local scouts who need help getting their aviation merit badge; the equivalent of an intro flight. They were directed to contact the Flagstaff Slugs on Sunday flights or show up at the Flagstaff Open House.

New Member Phil Cobbin also introduced himself. He has moved into Frank Protiva's old hangar with an RV-7A project. He also had s lathe and a bridgeport mill. Welcome!

The proposed picnic on Saturday at Oshkosh for Air Academy students is approved by EAA.

Jack reported that Nellis is having some problems but he is still trying to coordinate some assets for us. The Marines are still on tap, but not confirmed.

We have four candidates for Air Academy; their info and essays will be presented to the membership via email and voted on at or by next meeting.

For food service at the Open House, it was determined that we need a 3-compartment sink, refrigerators, chlorine test strip, thermometers, and a water source. Current plan is to prep in the club room and shuttle supplies to cook tent via Jack's golf cart. We need to apply for permit 10 days in advance.

Meeting was adjourned to nearby restaurant for informal discussion at 8:05pm.

Submitted for approval 4/7/2009.