3/14/2012 Minutes

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Secretary's Note

It's been awhile and much has happened. As noted on the previous page, I have graduated and am returning to NAU to instruct and pursue my Masters degree. In the club, we have seen a swell of participation, as you can glean from the events posted in this site, and we have continued to pursue our goal of sending young people to Air Adventure, though we have dropped the scholarship due to lack of suitable candidates. We have had one member, Jim Jones, move away though his aircraft is still at KFLG pending a hangar at his new home. Last year saw us attend more events, including Page and Winslow, and our Flight Advisor, Steve Allen, received a letter commending him on the number of Young Eagles he has flown - the most in the state for 2011.


Dave Sanders - President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jack Keegan - Treasurer

Norm Gobiel - VP

Steve Allen

Larry Diebel

Jim Mathewson


Meeting called to order at 6:35pm

While Jack prepared materials for the meeting, Jim Mathewson was introduced as a new member. He is building an RV-7A and had brought his recently-completed rudder for us to see.

Jack opened the Treasurer's report with a statement of past years' activities with the general finding that our finances have been dwindling each year that we have sent 3 youths to Air Academy. The cost this year would be about $2k per sponsored youth, including travel and the Academy fee. The question was called and it was voted without further discussion to only sponsor 2 youths to Air Academy this year, and revisit the question in following years.

Jack distributed 4 essays that had been turned in to Barney. We read them and then ranked them by grading them on a scale of 1 to 10. The grades by each member were tallied and gave us a ranking order that Jack could take back to the candidates and verify their eligibility to attend. If either of the top two declined, then we could continue down the ranking.

Discussion on the Armed Forces Day Open House was deferred until next month, but Norm will be sending Tri-motor art to Jack for inclusion in the fliers. The Ford is flying again and, weather permitting, will be at the event as well as the Valle events.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 7:30pm.

Submitted for approval 3/16/2012.