4/8/2009 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Dave Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jim Jones

Phil Cobbin

Larry Deibel

Norm Gobiel


Meeting opened at 7:00pm by Brad Ransom, President.

TSA will be visiting Flagstaff Wednesday, April 22, to discuss the Security Directive and how it will affect us. All pilots are encouraged to attend. John Laugher has asked our help in getting the word out to the pilot community.

Norm brought up the Planes of Fame show at Valle on June 27 and asked who would be volunteering. If you weren't at the meeting, please contact us and let us know if you will be helping out. He also brought in the menu for the Fall event, Thunder Over the Coconino, and encouraged everyone to attend (someone other than me needs to bid in the auction - Secretary).

Norm also brought up the Young Eagle flights for the May 16 event; he wants to discuss how widely it would be advertised, given our limited number of pilots. He was directed to talk to Jack Keegan and John Laugher (both absent from tonight's meeting).

Apparently, there is still difficulty with access to the clubhouse. It was reported that the key safe combo did not work and those with keys were unable to open the door. Pat Kelley took the action item to check on this. ( UPDATE: The lock and key safe combo have NOT been changed. Some suggestions for the key safe: reset the lock before entering the combo, press the number keys in until you hear/feel the click, the reset and open buttons slide up/down - not inward. For the door, turning the key operates the latch; the door handle DOES NOT TURN. There was an issue with the door sticking but Jack Keegan and Pat Kelley modified the mechanism that holds the door open to prevent this problem.)

Submitted for approval 5/7/2009. Sorry it took so long; now that school is out, updates should be quicker.