8/12/2009 Minutes

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Brad Ransom - President

Dave Sanders - Vice President

Patrick Kelley - Secretary

Jack Keegan - Treasurer

Jim Jones

Steve Allen

John Dillon

Mike Clifton

Jim McPhee

Norm Gobiel


Pre-meeting - The attending members removed the remnants of the recent work from the clubroom and also stored some donated items (a couple of propellers and a horizontal stabilizer) in our storage room so that we could reclaim the clubroom as a meeting and working space.

Meeting opened at 7:10pm by Brad Ransom, President.

We commented on the work performed to insulate and wall the clubroom. Plans are being discussed to install a drop ceiling to complete the insulation. Jack gave Steve a check to cover the work performed so far.

Mike gave a report on donations for the Thunder Over the Coconino event that had been reported so far. It is hoped the auction will bring a good amount for the Chapter to use for educational purposes. Norm will send Pat a form for recording the donations that can be put on the website or emailed to the membership.

Norm discussed the BBQ given by John Siebold at Oshkosh for the Air Academy attendees. Valle and John Siebold were favorably impressed by the students and are happy to continue to support our efforts. Since it was discovered that the students don't leave until Wednesday during the show, next year's BBQ will probably be scheduled for Monday instead of the weekend. Later in the meeting, the Chapter voted to pay for the food consumed at this year's BBQ.

Mention was made of the TFRs in Phoenix and Grand Canyon for the upcoming Sunday to accommodate President Obama's visit to the park.

Discussion turned to plans for the show on the 29th. Jim McPhee will be heading up the cooking efforts; he has a food handler's license. Prep will start around 8am. Mike Clifton will be gone but we have other pilots to handle Young Eagle flights and the American Legion will be handling the sign-up paperwork.

Mike Clifton had received letters of application for the scholarship we had set up with CGCC and distributed them to the attendees at the beginning of the meeting. These applications were stripped of any personal info and identified only by number. We voted to accpet applicant #90 for the scholarship.

Returning to the auction, Norm suggested that items that didn't make a minimum bid be held and auctioned on-line. It was agreed that the idea was good but we need to investigate the technology to see if this is feasable.

Jack Keegan had received thank you letters from the Air Academy attendees and read them to us at the meeting. Pat will put them on this website and one will be selected and read by Brad at the banquet/auction.

Motion to adjourn was made, seconded and approved at 8:30pm.

Submitted for approval 8/19/2009.