Summer 2009 Minutes

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Apologies for the lack of minutes for the past few months. The secretary took a vacation and missed the last few meetings. No one else took formal minutes. But, hey, I can give you a great rundown on Hocking Hills, Ohio, or the Inside Passage of Alaska, or even Oshkosh. Ok, Ok. Not what you were looking for? Well, here's a bare skeleton of the summer.

The Flagstaff Airport Open House went very well. The weather gods cooperated and we had lots of people and lots of flying. Well over 100 Young Eagles took to the air (see the event elsewhere on this site). Very positive feedback from everyone. I'll try to get a report of how the burger sales went.

The Valle airshow was also a success; we did well over a grand on burger sales. Again, the show is detailed elsewhere on the site. Planes of Fame gave us our cut for the kids; I'll try to get that figure out, too.

Looking ahead, it's Oshkosh, where our main sponsor, John Seibold, will be hosting a BBQ for the Air Academy attendees. A few of us will be on hand to help, not to mention enjoy the show. Most of our preparations are going to our main moneymaker, the late summer event at Valle. We will again be burning food and we also get proceeds from the silent auction that evening. We are looking for donated items, not necessarily aviation related (wives show up for this and love to bid on art, vacations, etc.). Remember, anything donated helps send kids to OSH Air Academy and we are also putting together a scholarship program.

Hopefully, the regular minutes can resume in August. Again, my apologies.